Online Is The New Way!

Online communication seems the only way to get ahead these days. Everything in our daily lives is possible online; shopping, work, family conversations, socialising and online dating.

Have we been the makers of our own demise? – The answer is YES!

We were lazy enough to allow all of our movements and data to become a science project. We have given away our private data. What do we get in return? The convenience of Technology, plus plenty of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Cigarettes & Liquor or pornography, Movies, whichever is your daily vice or addiction.

So what next? I think that VR games, VR sex, trading platforms and apps will be the future. Who can attain the highest value?

Coin systems will be the new norm!

Is it too late to stop it? Probably. We will get comfortable and lazy in lockdown. Everything’s already planned. We don’t talk to our family or sit around a table and eat dinner every night. Theses days we have takeaways, food apps, this app and that app.

While this might sound depressing to some, the positive news is that we are still in control of our actions. What we do and what we buy. The only thing is that social isolation will make people watch more TV, eat more junk food and use more vices. But anyway be conscious of your own health & wellbeing, reduce stress! And lets have fun not worry about the zombie apocalypse or Armageddon, just yet.

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