Is Masturbation The New Norm?

How are we all feeling about our sexuality and love lives right about now? Many people are discovering and enjoying freedom, others are comfortable without the social pressures, to masturbate in the comfort of their own home. Further more, it’s GUILT FREE!

Women are meeting women and trying things out, just for the sake of it. And guys are openly coming out as gay or transvestite. Eddie Izzard is a great example of the modern proud trans man. And you have to admit, he looks BEAUTIFUL!

We are finally beginning to understand and embrace who we are as human beings! Loving creatures. We have the capacity to love ourselves, others, of the opposite and same sex. It IS instinctual to give comfort, love and sexual pleasure. Sex isn’t evil, as some of us were taught.

If you are getting less attention from your partner or lover, speak openly about what they are experiencing and also share what you experience. And if it’s not serious or set in stone, have FUN! There’s plenty of ways to do that. Find a date online, its easy!

This is the ideal time to discover the new you and start to feel more comfortable and accept yourself FULLY. Embrace and share your loving self. I can say from all of this increased sexual activity, we will likely see a lot more love and less hate in the world. As we learn more about ourselves and others. Everything is opportunity for growth!