Why We Use Cookies

All websites use cookies. In this non private data is collected such as your IP address, Mac address and we don’t use or store that data. It is collected by services such as and known as essential cookies. Some software we use in our web design also relies on cookies. Such as WooCommerce plugin. There are integrations that are essential.

We use cookies on this site to help us provide the best service possible. Both essential and non-essential.

Essential Cookies

Google Cookies & Functional Cookies such as payment gateways like PayPal.

Non Essential Cookies

Typically software, ad clicks etc

Google Analytics, Monster Insights

Affiliate Cookies

3rd Party Cookies, for example cookies set with our partners to record successful redirection/transaction. The majority of our site uses partner services, otherwise known as dropship and/or affiliate links.

Managing Cookies

Cookies can be managed both in your browser settings and additionally on our website in the cookies tool bar footer.

You can for example turn off ads or non essential cookies, however some adverts may still show. But they won’t track your behaviour, such as shopping history.

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